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Protecting Your Wealth

The priority, in our wealth management offering, is you, and the first step in our relationship is a conversation so that we can understand your situation clearly.  From there, Butterfield’s team of professionals will seek solutions to address your particular needs.  We will help you:

• administer a complex mix of assets

• manage your legacy according to your wishes

• create opportunities for the next generation

• optimise tax efficiency

• maintain stability and continuity in your business

• achieve your philanthropic goals





But most important of all, we will listen to you.  Working together with you and your advisers we will develop a tailored plan to establish and administer the most appropriate structure for you and your family’s requirements.  Once this is done to your satisfaction, we will carefully monitor both client-specific and world events that could affect your circumstances, and take care to identify, clarify and resolve issues that may require modifications to your structure.





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